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Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model [+short Real Artists] - IRISH PREMIERE!


Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model (Rebecca Brand, 2016)

What makes a positive ‘superstar role model’ for tweens? How can kids navigate a media landscape that is increasingly sexualised? And is there a way to resist the tropes of objectification and commodification by creating a pop star that values and promotes intelligence and the importance of being yourself? These questions are at the heart of this uplifting and empowering film. Spearheaded by 10-old Taylor, the narration of her unfolding story serves as a reminder that we rarely hear from kids directly about what they want in their idols. Taylor’s aunt, Bryony Kimmings, an award-winning performance artist, takes on the daunting challenge of transforming into  ‘Catherine Bennet’ (or ‘CB’ as she becomes affectionately known), who they try to mold into a ‘credible, likeable, superstar, role model’. This touching and affirming film is notable for the uncynical joy that children take from CB, and it’s a reminder that the emphasis put on what’s ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’ is something that adults are preoccupied by; not kids.

The film will be preceded by short film Real Artists by Cameo Wood.

“Brand steers the journey from character creation documentary to music-video pop-umentary with confidence, a perfect mix of behind-the- scenes and stageshow payoff”

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