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The Love Witch [+short Reinventing the Wheel]


The Love Witch (Anna Biller, 2016)

Elaine is just looking for love - in her gothic Victorian apartment, where she makes passion potions, while looking impossibly cool and exists in faux ‘60s Technicolor Hammer Horror inspired threads and colour palettes. Oh, and she’s a witch, of course. Fun, kitsch, smart, bloody, badass, over the top, visually lush, vibrant, feminine, and as stylish as Elaine’s beehive, come along for The Love Witch ride and you won’t be disappointed. Filmmaker Anna Biller (who wrote, directed, produced, edited and production/set designed this film!) said that with The Love Witch she wanted to create “visual pleasure for women” so she shot the film on 35mm and created many of the stunning sets and props by hand. She also wrote the best tampon joke ever to be put to celluloid, and The Love Witch won the Best Cinematography award at the Dublin International Film Festival. Just be careful not to fall for Elaine’s spells, or it could be… murder.

 The film will be preceded by short film Reinventing the Wheel by Elena Knox.

“A metaphysical astonishment”

The New Yorker