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Event: Feminist Futures lecture with Dr. Sarah Arnold

Friday Event: ‘Feminist Futures’ talk

Dr. Sarah Arnold: Future Media Needs Feminism

6.30-7.30pm - FREE but ticketed (upstairs room)


Future Media Needs Feminism

That media industries have a problem with sexism has long been recognised. That media industries have a problem with sexual abuse and assault is only now being widely reported although, as has become apparent, it has long been suspected by many working in film, television and the tech industries. These are not separate issues. This talk will consider some of the strategies, policies and correctives being used to make media industries a less hostile and violent place for women as well as some of the ways to maintain the current momentum of feminist advocacy and activism within media industries and media representation.

Dr. Sarah Arnold lectures at Maynooth University's Department of Media and previously worked at the school of Film & Television at Falmouth University in the UK. She received her PhD from NUI Galway's Huston School of Film & Digital Media in 2010. Sarah's main research interests are in women’s roles and participation in film, television and media and she has published on a wide range of subjects and contributes to the Critical Studies in Television blog. Her research interests include emergent screen entertainment experiences and technologies and production cultures.