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Shorts Programme + Parklands Combined Screening

  • Light House Cinema Smithfield Dublin 7 Ireland (map)

Followed by Feature PARKLANDS

Losing It: Director Nikki Richardson, DOP Alice Stephens, Australia 2017

Matyas: Director & DOP Barbora Palcikova, Ireland 2018

Projections: Director and DOP Penny McGovern, Ireland 2018

Panic Attack!: Director/animator Eileen O’Meara, US 2016

You’re Welcome: Director Rebecca Panian, DOP Monika Plura, Germany 2017

Skin Hunger: Director Elena Horgan, DOP Sophie O’Donovan Ireland 2018

Pamçka: Director Elda Sorra, DOP Julia Weingarten, Germany 2017

Recovery: Director Siofra Quinn Gates, DOP Renate Canga, Ireland 2018

Bodies #1 Saint Agatha: Director & DOP Mirari Echávarri, Spain 2017

The Don'ts of Cycling for Women: Director Elaine Gallagher DOP Jaro Waldeck, Ireland 2018


Director Kathryn Millard, DOP Mandy Walker, Australia, 1996 (51 mins Cert 15)

Featuring Cate Blanchett in her first starring film role, Parklands focuses on a young woman Rosie’s investigation into her dead father’s sordid past. Shot on 16mm, the film’s narrative focus on personal history and memory is complemented by an expressive use of lighting and a complex colour scheme. Prior to production, Millard spent weeks watching archival footage of Adelaide in the State Records office, reflecting on how the unstable colours of ageing film stock relate to Rosie’s remembrance of her childhood. This visual style was executed by director of photographer, Mandy Walker, who won an Award of Distinction from the Australian Cinematographers Society for her work on the film. By printing on reversal film and processing it as a negative, Walker helped Millard to created the desired effect--of a film that looks like it’s been stored ‘in someone’s back shed for a number of years’.

After shooting her first feature-film aged twenty-five, Australian cinematographer MANDY WALKER has gone on to work as the principal photographer on fifteen diverse films. Walker’s talents and eye for colour and framing were quickly apparent. Films like The Well (1997) and Lantana (2001) gained Walker accolades in Australia, and her talents have increasingly be in demand internationally. In recent years, Walker worked as DoP on Jane Got a Gun (2015) and Hidden Figures (2016). Walker is currently filming the live-action version of Mulan, in collaboration with the New Zealand director, Niki Caro--only the second female director hired by Disney to direct a film with a budget of over over $100 million. Walker identifies herself as an artist first and a technician second. She cites communication with the director as fundamental to her work her practice and has said that the best cinematographers are ones who “glean from history and look at what great cinematographers have done in the past.”

KATHRYN MILLARD’s work in cinema includes writing, directing and producing three documentaries and four narrative pictures. Since the making of Parklands, Millard has continued to explore the themes of memory and place in Traveling Light (2003) and The Boot Cake (2008). In the latter, Millard’s documentary explores how an Indian community, recovering from the tragedy of the a recent earthquake, find hope and inspiration in the comedy of Charlie Chaplin. Millard’s most recent documentary. Shock Room focuses on psychologist Stanley Milgram’s dramatic ‘Obedience to Authority’ experiment in the early 1960s. Based on this, Millard has recently created a short, Experiment 20, which dramatises the stories of three women who took part.

SHORTS AWARD WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT and AWARD presented by Megan K. Fox and Mia Mullarkey after PARKLANDS. With prizes kindly donated by MediaDrives